General Musicianship

Children experience music together with their peers in a fun and nurturing environment. These fun classes:

  • teach music fundamentals
  • encourage a life-long love of music
  • develop social & organizational skills

Skills learned in general musicianship classes support individual music instruction, whether taken concurrently or at some time in the future.


5-6 years (school grades K – 1)

Designed to inspire, FUNdamentals encourages children to explore their natural instrument – the voice! Students will discover music through song, as well as through fun and engaging educational games and activities that encourage musicality, creativity and collaboration while introducing fundamental vocal technique and music notation concepts. This class is a great preparation for Choral Singing. Family and friends are invited to a musical sharing session at the end of each term.



Orff Ensemble

5-7 years(school grades K-2)

Students build ensemble skills, musicianship skills, and learn basic note reading and writing through playing Orff instruments. Family and friends are invited to several class presentations, and students will participate in student recitals throughout the year. This class may also support individual music instruction whether taken concurrently or at sometime in the future.





Musical Explorers

7-9 years (school grades 2-4)

This class will develop playing and music reading skills through fun and creative musical activities, including singing, movement, speech rhythms and combinations of these activities. Students will also be introduced to a variety of instruments by interacting with and hearing performances by professional musicians.





Choral Singing – Beginner

School grades 2-4

The beginner class introduces children to the art of choral group singing. Students experience and practice matching pitch, breath, diction, posture, tone and musical expression. Students work through warm-ups (vocal and physical), singing games, partner songs, and canons, with the goal of producing a pleasing choral tone. Most repertoire studied in this class is in usison, with the introduction of partner songs. Along with these topics, reading choral music from the score will also be introduced. Students perform at LCMS Winter and Spring events.

Choral Singing – Level 2

School grades 5 and up

Part 2 extends student experiences of matching pitch, breath, diction, posture, tone and musical expression. Students work throug more warm-ups (vocal and physical), singing games, partner songs, and canons, with the goal of producing a pleasing choral singing tone. Graduating from unison to 2-part music may be added, along with further experience with reading choral music from a score. Students perform at LCMS Winter and Spring events.


Included*/Registration fee only
*No additional cost for LCMS students registered in private lessons


Theory & History

RCM Theory & History Group Classes

Classes prepare students for Royal Conservatory exams, high school exams (AP/IB), and to meet entrance requirements for college and university music programs. Weekly classes run September to December in preparation for the December RCM exam, and January to May in preparation for the May exam. Students are responsible for exam registration and payment.

Class Name

Level 5 Theory
Level 6 Theory
Level  7 Theory
Level  8 Theory
Level  9 Harmony
Level  9 History
Level 10 Harm & Ctpt
Level 10 History
ARCT Harm & Ctpt
ARCT History

Keyboard Harmony is offered by private or semi-private lesson only, and students prepare to write exams in June.



Intensive summer theory and history classes are also available. See Summer Theory for course descriptions and fees.

Customized intensive short term options are also available as a refresher or for exam preparation. (Private lesson hourly rates will apply, with fees divided between the class participants.)

All theory and history levels are also available by private lesson at standard (non-string program) lesson rates.

Popular Music Theory Group Class

Learn about the musical foundations of popular music in a way that is directly relevant to how you play, and in a practical music-making context. Topics include keys, chords, scales, rhythms, harmony and improvisation. The courses will also develop a broad musical knowledge that includes instrumentation, musical terms, and the history of popular music.

Students also have the opportunity to gain internationally recognized qualifications through London College of Music graded popular music theory exams.



Composition Lab

Explore the many exciting possibilities of composing your own music or making arrangements of existing pieces using the most current hard-and software of our newly established computer lab. Learn how to work with music notation software or build your own songs and arrangements with programs such as Ableton Live or Garage Band.


Composition lessons are available by private lesson at standard (non-string program) lesson rates.

Music Sense Theory For Suzuki Piano Students

Learn about the theoretical component of music in a fun and interactive way. Classes provide an opportunity for piano students to grow musically, and also to develop friendships and relationships with their peers. Students will begin to support one another as they learn together.

Classes are 45 min in length, and extend over 34 weeks.

Music Sense 1

Ages 6-9

Students should be at approximately Book 2 level in Suzuki piano. There are weekly homework assignments and regular opportunities to play review pieces with peers. While Music Sense 1 is geared towards Suzuki students, it can also be used to compliment other methods of music education, as any young piano student can benefit from an interactive music theory education.



Music Sense 2

Ages 7-12

Pre-requisite: Music Sense 1

This course is directed towards students between the ages of 7 and 12 who are approximately at the Book 2 or 3 level in Suzuki Piano. There are weekly homework assignments and regular opportunities to play review pieces with peers. Music Sense 2 covers all the material for RCM theory.




Instrumental & Vocal Group Classes

NEW: Guitar Workshops

Designed to take your playing to the next level, this series of short-term courses will each focus on specific skills and genres. Dive deep into different genres like bluegrass, jazz or fusion, or work on your improvisation skills with specific techniques.





Guitar Group Class

This is a course for adults and youth interested in studying guitar in a group setting. Classes explore a variety of musical styles.





Popular Music Vocal Course

This is a course for teens and adults wanting to sing popular styles relevant to today’s music industry while expanding their vocal abilities and musical skill set. The performance-based classes develop a solid foundation in vocal technique and a basic understanding of music theory in relation to sight singing and chord charts, explore stage technique, and develop group singing skills such as blend and harmony – all in a supportive environment.

In order begin class, students must be able to pitch accurately.

Course runs Thursdays 7-8:30pm

Course start date: February 15, 2018