Learning music can be as natural as learning a language

The Suzuki Method is recognized globally as a highly successful method of music instruction for young children.  It encourages children to learn music in a natural way similar to the way they learn a language – by listening and imitation, repetition, and receiving praise and encouragement in a positive learning environment.
Note: reading skills are introduced later, once the child is comfortable with the instrument.

The Suzuki Method also develops:
  • Memory skills
  • Concentration
  • Self-esteem
  • Creativity
  • Cooperation
Parent Participation

Our program relies strongly on the cooperative relationship of teacher, parent and student to create a successful learning environment.  Parental participation is integral both at lessons and at home.

Parent Information Sessions

Attending a parent information session will ensure that you receive the information you need before registering your child in the Suzuki program. Parent orientation sessions are scheduled throughout the year and private consultations may be booked by contacting the office.
More information about the Suzuki Method can also be found at

Suzuki Piano

Age 3 years and up
Children learn with other children.  In small groups, students share lessons while learning individually at the piano and listening to other classmates’ lessons.  Parents benefit from observing the lessons and sharing ideas with other parents.  The students will progress to a private lesson when they are ready upon the
advice of the teacher.

Suzuki piano groups are typically formed in September.  Private lessons may begin at any time during the year.

Music Sense

Book 2+ Suzuki piano students between the ages of 6 and 12 can take these weekly theory classes to complement their studies.

Suzuki Violin & Cello

Suzuki Violin Preschool Preparatory Class

Ages 3-4
Violin students begin in a preparatory class that introduces basic Suzuki rhythms and the fundamentals of handling the instruments using pretend instruments.  When violin preparatory students have developed the necessary physical, musical and social skills, they will progress to individual instruction. Sessions start the weeks of September 10 and January 21.

Suzuki Violin Master Class

Age 5, or following prep course completion.
Students are placed in small groups of three where they receive individual instruction.  Children learn basic Suzuki rhythms and play collectively using Orff instruments, and progress to playing violin with the group.

Suzuki Violin & Cello Individual Instruction

Ages 4 and up
Students attend a private lesson with their parent/caregiver.  They also participate in weekly performance classes where they play with other Suzuki students of the same age and playing level.  Performance classes are included in the cost of private lessons.

Performance Classes

Suzuki violin students participate in weekly performance classes at their level.
Suzuki cello students participate in a weekly “Cellotastic” performance class.

NEW: Suzuki Harp

Ages 5 and up
Harp students receive individual instruction with their parent/caregiver.
When ready, performance classes will be offered for Suzuki harp students to play together.