Lillian Liu is a young classical and multi-genre pianist.  She has obtained her Master’s degree in classical piano performance at the Royal College of Music, which she entered after graduating from the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Academy of Music. Lillian also holds an ARCT diploma in both piano and violin performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada, and has been under the tutelage of esteemed musicians such as Edna Stern, Nigel Clayton, Corey Hamm, Lorraine Ambrose, Connie Shih, Patricia Shih, Anne Shih, Nikita Pogrebnoy, and Taras Gabora. Lillian is dedicated not only to performance but also to music education. Trained in piano pedagogy by Alice Enns at UBC, she specializes in exam preparation and ear training for all ages, and has also worked in environments with children for early music education such as the Redbridge Music Service in London. Lillian has experienced success in her activities within music festivals and education- examples being the recipient of the Mildred Johnson Scholarship in Music, and being a finalist in the Phyllis E. Salter Competition. Apart from her regular studies, Lillian has performed for the Concordia Foundation, and was also a pianist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital working as part of CW+’s “Memory Lane” project, which reaches over 5000 patients a year and reinforces the importance of art in cognitive healing. She is also an enthusiastic collaborator with modern composers who utilize unconventional techniques- such as with acclaimed electroacoustic composer Nicola Monopoli in creating ring modulated piano soundscapes- and does not limit her collaborative work to classical music, having experience as both a film pit orchestra musician, and in recording piano sections for experimental metal projects (her next release being in 2017 with Tchornobog via North American and European distros, recorded in Reykjavik).  Lillian has also studied Alexander Technique under the tutelage of Peter Buckoke, and utilizes a teaching approach focused on holistic movement and musicality.